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Global Health & Medical Complex


Global Health & Medical Complex (GHMC) is a professional platform offering a cluster of Health and Medical programs, initiatives and activities covering specific needs of professional groups and private sector.

GHMC is established as an independent professional institute to contribute in catering the futuristic needs of the profession. GHMC is led by Dr Muhammad Mahmood Afzal, who is retiree of WHO Geneva and possess vast and diverse experience in a number of countries, as well as WHO EMRO and WHO headquarters in Geneva. After retirement from the WHO, he has dedicated his services for health systems development and human capital enrichment. His focus is especially on the needs of the developing countries.


The 21st century is featured with an unfinished agenda of existing health problems, along with emergence of new health challenges. The global, regional and national transitions in socio-economic, cultural, political, ecological and security scenarios, as well as, the novel technical and professional advancements demand new kinds of approaches in designing solutions addressing the health challenges with a continuous transformation of health systems. These challenging situations provide exceptional opportunities to the health professionals to revamp their competencies and prepare to adapt with the fast approaching technological typhoon.


Global Health and Medical Complex (GHMC), with the indicated rationale, is striving to: promote futuristic approaches and paradigms, transferring global knowledge, generating cutting-edge competencies, endorsing smart health solution, and transforming health systems and practices, in order to cope with the forthcoming health challenges in the rapid changing global landscape featured in the 21st century.

Strategic actions:

This vision is to be practiced through human capital development by inspiring cutting-edge skills and competencies among the health leaders and professionals; imparting contemporary health knowledge developed by WHO, other UN agencies and health partners; promoting universally accepted quality standards and systems; endorsing modern techniques and solutions; and facilitating private sector health entrepreneurs to come on the forefront and contribute in solving the health problems.

Enhancing of health sector capacities through galvanizing a change in the healthcare approaches, practices and systems is expected to enable the health system to adequately prepare and respond to the rapidly changing global landscape featuring multidimensional developments in the 21st century.

GHMC has introduced a number of innovative and improved initiatives in line with its futuristic vision. The process of its improvement, expansion and development will continue based upon the suggestions and contributions of the audience, experts and partners.




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The below mentioned specific objectives will contribute in achieving this vision: