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- Prototype


Global Health & Medical Complex (GHMC) is pioneering an innovative project ‘International Model Smart Clinic’ as a ‘Global Franchise’ for all developing and semi-developed countries. The previously established or recently establishing clinics, polyclinics, medical centers or nursing homes can adopt this model. The intension is to modernize the private medical practices by integrating latest technical and professional developments.

The health sectors in majority of the developing countries rely on private sector for providing coverage to its populations. The private medical practice is mostly rendered through single doctor clinics (Sole Practices) or group practice (Polyclinics), Medical Centers, Nursing Homes and other forms. The prevailing systems in these private medical practices are usually obsolete and stagnant, not coping with the new developments in the global health scenarios, technical advancements and emerging health issues.

Global Health & Medical Complex, based upon the review of trending international paradigms and in consultation with the global experts, have designed a prototype (a consolidated system) by incorporating the established practices, universal quality standards, national requirements, WHO guidelines, and most importantly with due inclusion of modern management systems, customized health knowledge and future-focused technical advancements.

This innovative prototype provides an exceptional opportunity for the Private Medical Practitioners to improve and standardize their set-ups and service delivery centers in harmony with the global trends and international standards. This will be a great value addition to the already established or newly establishing clinics in terms of their effective and efficient services, more reliable health delivery systems, positioning at a higher status, enhanced patients’ satisfaction, and better monetary prospects.

Medical Practitioners interested to upgrade their clinics with ‘IMSC prototype’ and join the network of this state-of-the-art Global Franchise of clinics may contact for detailed information.