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Global Health & Medical Complex (GHMC) is collaborating with ‘Polyversity International’ for Human Capital Development in the Health and Medical sector, in line with the global advancements in the 21st century.

Global Health & Medical Complex (GHMC is advantaged with a panel of world renowned public health experts who have Global, Regional and National levels experience in diverse health areas and arenas. They have demonstrated their expertise globally and internationally in a number of organizations and countries.

GHMC is led by a Global Health Professional who is retiree of World Health Organization (WHO) Geneva, and has worked in a number of regional countries and health scenarios. He possesses broad knowledge, savoir-faire and diverse competencies, with a specially focus on futuristic health development.
GHMC leadership and experts are available to impart lectures as visiting faculty at national and international level medical colleges, universities, institutes and other establishments. GHMC can also organize customized training courses on demand. (Next page contains a priority list of the subject areas for lectures and short courses that is not exhaustive and other topics can be considered).

Academic Institutions for Public Health, Medical, Nursing or allied, Hospitals, Health Organizations, and other entities interested for Lectures/Presentations or Short Course on health topics to cater the needs of their students, working professionals or teaching staff can contact with specific requirements.

Public Health and Medical Experts having relevant qualification, experience and competencies, and interested to join the GHMC Panel of Experts as Global Educators and work as on demand visiting faculty, should forward their inclusive CV and Profile Picture.