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Global Health & Medical Complex (GHMC) has introduced a revolutionary initiative: ‘International Model Smart Hospital’. This eSystems framework is offered for execution in the developing and semi-developed countries as a ‘Global Franchise’. The public or private hospitals can adopt and adapt this model according to their situations and services. This entails improving and reforming the hospitals incorporating futuristic technical and professional health advancements.

Today public and private hospitals in majority of developing countries are overstretched because of diverse factors, including: increased population, rural to urban migration, demographic shift, emergence of new health problems, low paying capacities of communities, raising cost of care, obsolete hospital systems, and many more issues. There is an increasing demand to make the hospitals more and more consumer friendly, capable to address their incipient needs and preferences.

Within this landscape, hospitals are seeking ways to improve their productivity and efficiency, and reduce the ever rising cost of the care. As a solution, hospitals envision digitalization and networking, along with system transformations.

Global Health & Medical Complex (GHMC), based upon the global trends and prevailing models, has designed a feasible model that provides a framework for transforming the public or private hospitals into ‘Smart Hospital’. This consolidated model system is specially build upon the universal quality standards, national requirements, WHO guidelines, and inclusion of modern technical advancements.

This eSystems Framework includes optimizing, redesigning or building new clinical processes, management systems and potentially even infrastructure changes, enabled by digitized networking. The intension is to ensure valuable quality services, with better patient care, experience and operational efficiency.

This innovative archetype will ensure immense value addition to the hospitals with well-organized digitalized systems, more effective and efficient services, more reliable health delivery systems, positioning at a higher status, enhanced patients’ satisfaction, and better monetary prospects.

Public or Private sectors interested to upgrade their hospitals implementing ‘IMSC eSystems’ and join the crusade and network of ‘International Model Smart Hospitals’ as the Global Franchise may contact for detailed information.